Virgin Coconut Oil for Weight Loss

Most of us, who’ve tried to lose weight before, always want something new, a better plan or an easier plan or maybe just something to recommend to our friends during the morning coffee-session. A bit of a debated weight loss plan is virgin coconut oil for weight loss.

Why is it debated? It’s not mutually agreed by all doctors since it contains a really high amount of saturated fats, up to 90% of its entire amount is given by these fats.
We’ve reached to the conclusion that most doctors probably try to avoid admitting the truth because they can’t really accept that something so natural and so simple as coconut can be efficient in a weight loss program with this many fats contained in it.

The one thing most people forget is that not all saturated fats are unhealthy! You probably know you have bacteria in your intestines, right? What would happen if you would eliminate them? You couldn’t complete your daily tasks on the toilet, you would mess up your entire metabolism.

It’s like something bad you need. But since you need it, it’s not bad anymore. This is why virgin coconut oil is efficient. Those are healthy – I repeat: healthy – saturated fats. You need those healthy fats for a number of reasons, from which weight loss is a significant one.

So what happens exactly when you consume virgin coconut oil?

Your body isn’t given enough time to “store” the nutrients as fat so your metabolism will be normal and your body will start burning some fat. Don’t think that you can lose all the weight you want with coconut oil only, but it will definitely help a lot in the process.

Also, don’t really rely on what most doctors say. If they are able to sell you some expensive medicines or so-called “treatments”, they are happy. Remember that not all doctors really care about how they help your health, but they rather care about their own pockets. Keep your head up and use coconut oil for weight loss and you won’t regret it!

Not all virgin coconut oil is suitable for weight loss diet plans. You must be selective in choosing products with good quality and organic. I recommend coconut oil product “Alam Nusantara VCO” from Indonesia.

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