Lower Back Pain Remedies

Home remedies for back pain
For acute back pain, fast help is needed. However, anyone who suffers from these ailments and already knows the cause will not want to go to the doctor every time. In addition, medical treatments can be optimally supported by appropriate measures and home remedies. They help to quickly relieve minor back pain.

lower back pain remedies

Whether warmth, massage or herbal oils – simple home remedies, which usually have everyone at home, can relieve unpleasant back pain.

Warm baths and showers for a backache
Heat is optimal for back pain because it relaxes and relaxes the muscles. Soothing baths with muscle-relaxing additives are very well suited for this purpose. First take a relaxing bath of twenty minutes at about 37 ° C. Brine baths with up to five kilograms of salt per tub filling are particularly good for back pain and joint problems. The salt is first dissolved in a smaller amount of water at high temperature and only then distributed with the remaining water. A bath with thyme oil is a popular home remedy for back pain. If you do not have a bathtub at home, an ample, warm shower can also help loosen tight muscle groups. With a fixed shower jet, you can also easily massage tense back muscles.

Warm pain points specifically
In addition, the painful area can be warmed purposefully with a hot water bottle, a cherry stone cushion or a red light emitter. Also, the circulation of potato wraps is one of the classic home remedies. For this potatoes are cooked, crushed and wrapped in a dishcloth. A second dish or towel, which is placed around the wrap, protects the skin from burns. Test the temperature of the wrap on the palm of your hand before putting it on the painful area. The permanently released heat of the potatoes relieves the back pain.

Herbal oils for relaxation of the back muscles
Various herbal oils are also used for muscle relaxation. Camphor oil, for example, can be rubbed on the back before going to sleep. Also, lavender or peppermint oil and arnica extract can help against back pain.

Massage the pain away
Massages not only help to relax muscles but also help with general relaxation and stress relief – and stress is known to be a common cause of back pain. You do not necessarily have to rely on a professional masseur, even if this knows best. Your partner may also lend a hand with a message. The following applies: So that the message does not cause more damage than benefits, the movements should not be carried out too tightly and always feel pleasant. With pushing and kneading grips the muscles, but never directly the spine, should be worked on. With a suitable oil, for example, St. John’s wort oil, a message is particularly beneficial and counteracts back pain.

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