kitchen base cabinets unfinished

kitchen base cabinets unfinished

July 31, 1987|By Nancy Maes.

Instead of replacing all the cabinets, do-it-yourselfers can now accept artlessly to alter the aperture and drawer fronts and administer peel-and-stick appearance to awning old face frames and apparent ancillary panels. These backup systems are appreciably beneath big-ticket than new cabinets. Masonite Corp. estimates it would amount amid $524 and $620 to accommodate an boilerplate kitchen–with 15 doors and 11 drawers–using its oak backup system. The doors are bogus by Gamble Brothers, a analysis of Masonite Corp., P.O. Box 14504, Louisville, Ky. 40214 (phone 502-366-0341). The amateurish solid oak doors and drawers are accessible in two styles. Chiffonier fronts appear in nine accepted sizes; drawer fronts in three sizes. If the doors don`t fit exactly, framing strips are accessible to acclimatize the admeasurement of the chiffonier openings. Peel-and-stick oak appearance covers old face frames and apparent ancillary panels. Suggested retail prices for doors ambit from $18.99 to $31.49. Drawers run from $7.99 to $8.99, and peel-and-stick appearance in strips or bedding runs from $2.49 to $24.49.

Southwood International Inc., P.O. Box 2959, Winter Haven, Fla. 33880

(phone 813-293-6469) articles the Versadoor arrangement of backup drawers and doors, which can be akin to fit any amplitude or length. The amateurish apparatus are fabricated of solid American red oak with a vertical canal pattern. An boilerplate amount for a 16- by 22-inch aperture is $29.95; drawer fronts run from $12.45 to $32.

Made-to-size chiffonier doors and drawers are additionally accessible for the do-it-yourselfer. Quality Doors, 603 Big Stone Gap, Duncanville, Tex. 75137 (phone 800-527-6434) alien a band of amateurish cabinets in 1984, and a new band of prefinished doors was afresh added. There are bristles finishes to accept from: maple, ash and three oak finishes. There are 12 aperture styles as able-bodied as a alternative of adorning leaded or mullioned bottle inserts. Prices for a 15- by 24-inch aperture ambit from $14.50 for amateurish oak to $57 for prefinishied oak, maple or ash.

To accord a accomplished attending to a adapted kitchen or bathroom, abstraction may be the final touch. Moldings fabricated of amateurish copse may accept flaws and may not stain evenly. A compatible abstraction apparent is accessible from DG Moldings, P.O. Box 610, Marion, Va. 24354 (phone 800-368-3117). The product, alleged Clearwood, is a absolute copse abstraction with a appropriate apparent appliance that makes it posssible to stain it calmly and uniformly, according to the manufacturer.

DG additionally has a new band of prefinished abstraction in decorator colors. Alleged Lykewood, it comes in shades such as slate blue, almond and rose. An boilerplate amount for an 8-foot allotment of Lykewood abject abstraction is $7.95; for Clearwood, $6.24.

For a accomplished attending at the attic level, Cria Plastic Industries Ltd., 195 Healey Rd., Box 39, Bolton, Ontario LOP 1AO, Canada (phone 416-857-4350) has a new wallbase trim in its Home Decor series. The trim has a dry peel-and-stick self-adhesive arrangement that reportedly can bear aerial calefaction and humidity. It doesn`t crave any emphasis corners and comes in appearance black, white, amber and gray, two woodgrains, glassy almond and brass. Suggested retail amount for a 20-foot cycle of trim 2 1/2 inches advanced is $16.95; a 20-foot cycle of 4-inch trim is $21.95.

The Home Decor alternation additionally has chiffonier trim that can accord an abnormal blow to new cabinets or advancement old ones. The adhering abstraction is 3/8 inch advanced and can be acclimated as an binding or an inlay. Colors accommodate assumption with either a appearance atramentous applique or a ablaze woodgrain inlay, and a ablaze copse blush with an almond inlay. Suggested retail amount is $10.95 for a 16-foot coil.

An bargain artful boost can additionally be accomplished in the bath or kitchen with new accouterments for drawers and cabinets. New delicate bowl knobs are actuality fabricated by Jaybee Manufacturing Corp., P.O. Box 54110, 301 W. Avenue 26, Los Angeles, Calif. 90054 (phone 800-423-6547). The aggregation additionally has a new band that combines ceramics and aged brass. Its bowl pulls for the kitchen and the bath are fair with a single-line blush emphasis to aces up the colors in the room. Colors accommodate blue, yellow, ablaze gray and mauve. Suggested retail amount for a 1 1/2-inch annular bulge is $2.99; for a pull, $3.99.

There are additionally adult solid-brass pulls with black, bright acrylic or teakwood inserts, as able-bodied as a two-tone chrome and assumption aggregate that picks up on a blush trend afresh launched by the bath accouterments industry for faucets and fixtures. Prices ambit from $6.49 to $13.99.

New black chiffonier accouterments has additionally been alien by David Allison Co. Inc., Woodbury, N.Y. 11797 (phone 800-645-7168). Plastic knobs and pulls in the Cotton Candy band are accessible in aloof colors as able-bodied as pastels such as bubblegum, excellent green, lilac, bare and blueberry. Suggested retail prices ambit from 99 cents to $1.59. Allison additionally makes pulls and knobs in brushed assumption and glassy chrome with prices alignment from $2.25 to $2.49.

kitchen base cabinets unfinished

Assembled 60x34.5x24 in. Sink Base Kitchen Cabinet in Unfinished ..
Unfinished Kitchen Base Cabinets Classy Design Creative Decoration ..

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